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E-learning course Fire safety - employees

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The course is designed for employees.
Which means that this cours contains following lessons:
1. Fire safety system in the Czech Republic
2. Basic duties of physical persons
3. Basic duties of organizations
4. Fire safety documentation
5. Education of employees
6. Fire signs
7. The process of burning
8. Portable fire extinguishers
9. What to do in case of fire
10. Fire safety conditions - heat, electric and gas appliances



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Good to know: According to the Act no. 133/1985 Coll., On fire protection and the Decree no. 246/2001 Coll., Fire prevetion is given to employees repetition maximum period of 2 years.

Note: This course is universal. You should extend it for documentation of work safety and specifics of workplace.

If you are interested of long-term solution we can recomend you our education system - LMS, which enables you separate management and it is FREE
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It is also possible to extend course on the following menu: (Please provide comments to the order or contact us here.)

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I want to add specifics of workplace.
I need to add documentation of fire protection. 

In the case of interest we will create you a course on your request. For ordering contact us.

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